Technology that retrofits any home to be a smart home with our new technology. Homes can be managed from your phone for as little as $80.

Smart Hub

One step installation

Our goal in designing our Smart Hubs is to install it simply by plugging it into the wall. Once it is plugged in it "Self Registers" with This makes your wall plug available to manage from an app or the internet in one simple step.

Smart Sockets

Network your home with the copper wiring you already have.

Our goal in designing our Smart Sockets is the ability to network your whole house with the copper wiring you already have. Smart sockets talk to the Smart Hub through your electrical wiring. NO ADITIONAL NETWORKING NEEDED.

ID Chips

Get usage info from each device

Our goal in designing our ID Chip is to identify your plugged in devices with a $0.03 chip. Your ID Chips broadcasts their unique id, make and model so you can track usage, life expectancy, and more for each plugged in device.

Passive Listening

Listening is better then talking

Our Smart Sockets "Listen" for the command to be turned on or off. This creates no additional network traffic and needs no aditional configuration.