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Pantheon Gets Wordpress

by Darryn Nyberg

Resources > Oct 18, 2019

Now Wordpress is part of the Pantheon development through hosting service.2>

Patheon is a specialized development through hosting service that lets you have multiple versions of the same site running at the same time… without you needing much, if any, server skills. When you are creating content or updating the website files you should do this on the test server so you don’t mess up the live website. This is what Pantheon does.

Within seconds you have your new pantheon website spun up and ready to start developing on. You can host your website from the pantheon service without even transferring away from your current host. Your email and other hosting settings can stay where they are.

Now that your site is up and running and you have been blogging from it for months, you want to make some changes. Go to your dev site that is already created and sync it with the live site. now you can develop on your mirrored image of your live site without affecting the website that gets visitors. Once your development work is done you can click a button and push those changes to the test site to be good and sure it works. One more click of a button and your live site now has the new code that your development site has.

What about backup? With the click of a button you can set up automatic backups for the whole site database and files.

What about version control? GIT is used to manage the code repository so that your site can be manage like a pro!

Until recently, Pantheon has been a Drupal only service. Welcome WordPress! Wordpress is now being released into the Pantheon world. Now we will show you just how simple it is to Launch a Pantheon Wordpress website.


Create a pantheon account (It’s FREE)



Create a new site



Name your cool site


Pick the new option to install Wordpress



Watch as your new instance gets built!

Once it is built, then ckeck it out!


Your new website dashboard



You can see that there are options to import and export files and databases.



You can see you automatically have development, test, and live instances of your site. No more worry about development and integration of data.



You can set up auto backups from the interface!


There is much more this service can do but you will need to go create an account for your self. Enjoy!



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