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Developing the smart home - Week 1

by Darryn Nyberg

News > Oct 18, 2019

Today marks the first day of development on our Smart Hub technology. Many companies produce elements of a smart home or even whole smart home systems. Our goal is simple. The smart home should:
- Connect to the internet automatically, without “configuration”.
- Work anywhere so long as it has power and wifi.
- Network any home, regardless of age
- Starter packages should cost about the same price as your home's wireless router.

We have other goals but these cover much of Phase 1 of our demo.

Once the demo is completed we will have a small wall plug that once plugged in, it connects to the internet and registers itself with the LumenAPI so that you can turn it on and off using your phone, from anywhere in the world.

After three months of research we started writing shell commands and C code for the hardware. This is a rundown of what we completed:
- Run shell command on device start up
- Convert IPv4 to IPv6.
- Set the device IPv6 as a variable to pass to the LumenAPI
- Create the LumenAPI that will register any device that connects to it and provide an interface to let users interact with their connected device from the phone or internet.

Next steps will be:
- Let the device check for data access.
- If data access is present then send data to the LumenAPI and “register” that device
- If registration is successful then update the device with the secret and private keys

If you are interested in learning more about the Smart Hub system we are creating please contact us form our contact form or our facebook page.


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